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MJM Charitable Trust

is governed by Trustees who manage the Trusts’ assets and distribute the income in line with the changing needs of the Bangalore community. The Trustees bring a broad range of professional skills and experience to the task, particularly in the areas of business/finance, the law and social policy. The Trustees include representatives of urban and regional Bangalore, as well as different states and territories. A number of specialist advisors provide assistance, as required. The Trustees meet formally twice a year, to assess funding submissions and make appropriate distributions. Other regular meetings monitor investments and the progress of projects.

We fund small, medium and large organisations and place a high value on programs with the potential to advance collective knowledge and experience. Collaboration between organisations is encouraged to avoid duplication of resources and efforts.


MJM charitable trust, started by Dr. Ramesh Mishra. In the early years, MJM charitable trust identified need to help poor people through business and community contacts. The management of the Trust has developed over the years in line with the changes in the not-for-profit sector within Bangalore, with the development of administrative processes to manage the Trusts’ activities. Since then, the Trustees of the Fund have been making grants from the Fund’s income each year to many worthwhile organisations and projects in Bangalore and around Bangalore.


Because we’ve always been not-for-profit, our focus has always been on our members and their dependants. We use the money we make to benefit them. We work for people, not profit.
We do this by :

  • Creating and providing simple, cost-effective financial products to meet people’s needs
  • Maintaining strong governance which puts members’ interests at the heart of our decision making
  • Investing in our people
  • Building industry-leading administration systems
  • Making it easy for employers and their advisers to do business with us.
  • We provide vehicle for KIMS Hospital to feed food for more than 10,000 patients
  • We owned oldage and orphanage home.
  • we are the member of the ISKCON temple AkshayPatra Foundation.

To stay focused on people’s needs and make sure we’re easy to deal with, we employ friendly, down-to-earth staff. As we’re a growing organisation, everyone works extra hard. Our staff are incredibly proud of what they do, because they make a real difference. And our members appreciate them too. Our Board is made up of employer and employee representatives and professional independent trustees. They work alongside a strong Senior Management Team which boasts a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. This means we’re perfectly placed to consider and meet the current and future needs of the industry.